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Partenaires du programme Branché sur le succès

#104 Nelson (Stoney Creek Community Homes)Ontario
 184 Erb Street East in WaterlooOntario
 2 Mascot Place Co-op HomesOntario
 25 Linnwood Avenue (Cambridge) LtdOntario
 30 Newport CrescentNouveau-Brunswick
 55 Howard Park Co-op Ontario
 2044583 Ontario IncOntario
 91 Spencer Avenue Co-operative Homes IncOntario
AAcross BoundariesOntario
 Ahneen Cooperative Homes IncOntario
 AIDS MonctonNouveau-Brunswick
 AIDS Committee of Newfoundland and LabradorTerre-Neuve
 Ajax Municipal NPOntario
 All Saints Church HomeOntario
 Alexandra Park Co-opOntario
 Alice Saddy AssociationOntario
 Almise Co-opOntario
 Aldebrain Attendant care Services of TorontoOntario
 Alternative Residences IncNouveau-Brunswick
 Angela’s Place (Peel)Ontario
 Ann Marie Hill Housing Co-operativeOntario
 Anne Johnston Health Station-Tobias House Attendant CareOntario
 Applegrove Co-opOntario
 Arauco Housing Co-opOntario
 Ascot Co-operative HomesOntario
 Asher Christian Seniors Inc. Ontario
 Aurora VillageOntario
 Aykler Real EstateOntario
B B’nai Brith Canada Senior Citizen’s Residential Program Ontario
Bain Apartments Co-opOntario
 Bamburgh Circle Housing Co-opOntario
 Barbertown Co-operative Homes Inc.Ontario
 Bard of Avon Housing Co-Op IncOntario
 Barrie Municipal Non Profit Housing CorporationOntario
 Barrhaven NP HousingOntario
 Bayview Community services Inc.Ontario
 Beech Hall Housing Co-operative IncorporatedOntario
 Beechwood Co-opOntario
 Bethany Co-opOntario
 Birmingham Homes Co-opOntario
 Blue Heron Co-operative Homes, Inc.Ontario
 Bogart Creek Co-operative HomesOntario
 Bonaventure Place Housing Co-opOntario
 Brampton Caledon Community LivingOntario
 Brantford HousingOntario
 Brantford Native HousingOntario
 Bread and Roses Co-opOntario
 Brebeuf Co-opOntario
 Brighton Yards Co-opOntario
 Bridlemanor Co-opOntario
 Bridletowne Circle Co-op HomesOntario
 Britannia Co-opOntario
 Broadview Housing Co-operative Ontario
 Bruce County Housing CorporationOntario
 Burnhamwood Co-Operative Homes IncOntario
CCalvary House CorporationOntario
 Cambridge Kiwanis VillageOntario
 Cambridge Shelter CorporationOntario
 Camden Park CottagesOntario
 Canadian Mental Health Association Toronto Branch Ontario
 Canadian Mental Health Association WWDOntario
 Cardinus Housing Co-opOntario
 Carpenters Local 27 Housing Co-operative IncOntario
 Cartier Square Co-opOntario
 Caroline Co-opOntario
 Cambridge Kiwanis Village Non ProfitOntario
 Cawthra Mansions Co-operative IncOntario
 Canadian Legion Toronto HomesOntario
 Cedarbrook Park Co-op HomesOntario
 Centretown Citizens of Ottawa (CCOC)Ontario
 Chadwick Towers Co-opOntario
 Changemakers Co-opOntario
 Charing CrossOntario
 Charles Darrow Housing Cooperative Inc.Ontario
 Charles Hastings Co-Op Housing IncOntario
 Chegoggin Co-op Ontario
 Chisolm Place Housing Co-opOntario
 Clarion Co-opOntario
 Clintwood Non-Profit Housing Co-operativeOntario
 CMHA ElginOntario
 CMHA GuelphOntario
 CMHA Huron-PerthOntario
 CMHA LondonOntario
 CMHA MiddlesexOntario
 CMHA OttawaOntario
 CMHA Simcoe County BranchOntario
 Cooperative BrebeufOntario
 Coop Desloges (Co-op d’habitation Desloges)Ontario
 Community First – Hagerman Corners Cooperative HousingOntario
 Community Living St Marys & AreaOntario
 Constance Hamilton Housing Co-operativeOntario
 Cooperative d’Appartements Desjardins LteeOntario
 Coral Non-Profit Housing Ontario
 Cornerstone Housing for WomenOntario
 County of Dufferin – Dufferin Housing Services Ontario
 County of WellingtonOntario
 Courtyard Housing Co-opOntario
 Collingwood Place Seniors HousingNouveau-Brunswick
 CRC Self Help IncOntario
DDavid B Archer Co-opOntario
 Deep Quong Community Fund Inc. (Vance Latchford Place)Ontario
 Delaware Lions Non-Profit Apartment CorporationOntario
 Desjardins Cooperative Apartments LtdOntario
 Desloges Co-op (Co-op d’habitation Desloges)Ontario
 Diane Frankling Homes Co-opOntario
 Dixon Neighbourhood Homes (Dixon Hall)Ontario
 Don Area Co-operative Homes Inc. Ontario
 Dufferin Grove Co-opOntario
 Duncan Mill Laborers (Local 183 Co-operative Homes Inc)Ontario
 Durham County Senior Citizens LodgeOntario
 Durham RegionOntario
EEagleson Co-operative Homes IncOntario
 Eamon Park Housing Co-op Inc.Ontario
 Ecuhome CorporationOntario
  Edenwood Seniors VillageOntario
 Edgeview Housing Co-operative IncOntario
 Emily Murphy CentreOntario
 Erin Court Co-operative Homes Inc.Ontario
FFairlea Park Housing Co-operativeOntario
 Family Action Network Housing CorporationOntario
 Forestwood Co-op HomesOntario
 Four Feathers Housing Co-operativeOntario
 Forward 9 Community Co-opOntario
 Frank G McLaughlin Co-Operative Homes Ontario
 Frazer Heights Co-operativeOntario
 Fredericton Non Profit HousingNouveau-Brunswick
 Fred Dowling Housing Co-operative Ontario
GGardenview Co-opOntario
 Gateway Co-Operative Homes ApartmentsOntario
 Gateway Community HomesOntario
 German Canadian Housing of Newmarket IncOntario
 Gignul Housing Corp.Ontario
 Glen Park Co-opOntario
 Gloucester Housing CorporationOntario
 Goulbourn Non-Profit Housing CorporationOntario
 Good Shepherd Non-Profit Organization Inc.Ontario
 Grace Hartman Housing Co-opOntario
 Grey CountyOntario
 Guelph Non-ProfitOntario
HHabayit Shelanu Senior ResidenceOntario
 Habitat ServicesOntario
 Halam Park Housing Co-opOntario
 Harbour Channel Housing Co-operative Inc.Ontario
 Harbourside Co-operative HomesOntario
 Harmony Co-opOntario
 Hazelburn Co-opOntario
 Hazeldean Housing Co-opOntario
 Heritage Community Housing CorpOntario
 Holland Christian Homes Ontario
 Homes First SocietyOntario
 HomeStarts Co-opOntario
 Hospital Workers Housing Co-opOntario
 House Link Community HomesOntario
 Houses Opening Today Toronto (HOTT)Ontario
 Housing Alternatives IncNouveau-Brunswick
 Housing YorkOntario
 Hugh Garner Co-opOntario
 Humewood HouseOntario
 Huronia Family Housing Co-opOntario
IIndo-Canadian Non-Profit HousingOntario
 Inter-Organization Network Non-Profit Homes (Durham) Inc / GreenwinOntario
 Ivan Franko HomeOntario
JJackson’s Point Co-operative Homes Inc.Ontario
 Jasinski Legacy Non Profit Residences Inc.Ontario
 Jarvis George Housing Co-operative Inc.Ontario
 Javelin Co-op Homes IncOntario
 Jaycees BrantfordOntario
 Jenny Green Co-op Homes Inc.Ontario
 Jessie’s Non Profit Homes / Jessie’s CenterOntario
 John Bruce Village Co-opOntario
 John Fitzpatrick Steelworkers Housing Co-operativeOntario
 John Howard Society of OttawaOntario
 John HowardNouveau-Brunswick
 John Noble Apartments (97B Mount Pleasant)Ontario
 Jubilee HouseOntario
KKawartha Village Co-OpOntario
 Kenfinch Co-OpOntario
 Kilcooley Gardens Co-operative IncOntario
 Kitchener Housing Inc.Ontario
 Knights Village NP HousingOntario
LLakeshore Village Artists’ Co-opOntario
 Latin AmericaOntario
 Lawrence Gardens Housing Co-operativeOntario
 Let’s Get Together TorontoOntario
Liberty Lane Inc.Nouveau-Brunswick
 Life Centre Non-Profit Housing CorporationOntario
Living Waters Residences Inc.Ontario
 Loft Community ServicesOntario
 Local 75 Housing Co-operative Inc. Ontario
 London and Middlesex Housing CorporationOntario
 London Town Co-operatives Homes Inc.Ontario
 Longview Housing Co-opOntario
 LutherPlace Apartments Nouveau-Brunswick
MM.F. Arnsby Property Management Ltd.     Ontario
 Madawan Management/LodgeOntario
Madison Community ServicesOntario
 Main-Gerrard Community Development Co-operativeOntario
 Mainstay HousingOntario
 Maple heights non profit housingOntario
Margaret Laurence Housing Co-opOntario
 Marigold Co-opOntario
 Matrix Non-Profit Housing Corporation. Ontario
 Max Saltsman Community Cooperative Inc.Ontario
 McLean Co-operative HomesOntario
 Micah Homes Non-Profit Housing CorporationOntario
 Milliken Co-operative Homes Inc.Ontario
 Mimico Co-opOntario
 Montfort Renaissance IncOntario
 Moshav OrrOntario
 Mutually Assisting Residential CommunityOntario
 Myrmex NP HousingOntario
NNeighbourhood Link HomesOntario
 Nepean Housing CorporationOntario
 New Brunswick Gov’t HousingNouveau-Brunswick
 New Heights Christian Center Inc (Church)Ontario
 New Hibret Co-opOntario
 New Hope Non Profit Dwellings (Durham) Inc.Ontario
 Newmarket Co-opOntario
 Newfoundland HousingTerre-Neuve
 Newfoundland Housing CornerbrookTerre-Neuve
 Non Profit CanlightOntario
 Northminster Residences of Toronto Ontario
 Northview MeadowsOntario
 Northwood Park Co-opOntario
OOntario Aboriginal HousingOntario
Ontario Native Women’s AssociationOntario
 Options BytownOntario
 Orchard Grove Housing Co-op Ontario
 Oshawa Creek Co-op HomesOntario
 Oshawa Valley Park Co-opOntario
 Orleans Respite CareOntario
 Ottawa Community HousingOntario
 Otter Creek Co-Operative HomesOntario
 Owen Sound Housing Company LimitedOntario
 OWN Housing Co-operative IncOntario
 Oxford County HousingOntario
PPalisades Co-op Ontario
 Parkview Place (442534 Ontario Inc.) Ontario
 Participation House Support Services Ontario
Pathway Non-Profit Community Developments Inc.Ontario
 Peel Cheshire Homes (Brampton) Inc.Ontario
 Peel Housing Corporation / Peel LivingOntario
 Peel Youth Village Ontario
 Peoples Park – Camden ParkNouveau-Brunswick
 Peggy & Andrew Brewin Housing Co-opOntario
 Peregerine Co-op HomesOntario
 Perth Avenue Housing Co-operative Inc.Ontario
 Peterborough Co-opOntario
 Primrose Co-opOntario
 Progress PlaceOntario
 Project EsperanceOntario
RRallyHaven Supportive Housing Program, Choices for YouthTerre-Neuve
 Redwood Park CommunitiesOntario
 Region Of WaterlooOntario
 Richmond Hill Co-Operative Homes IncOntario
 Ridelle Co-operative Homes Inc.Ontario
 Rouge Valley Co-opOntario
 Rougemount Cooperative Homes Inc.Ontario
SSaint John Non Profit HousingNouveau-Brunswick
 Salisbury Lions Senior Citizens Complex IncNouveau-Brunswick
 Salus OttawaOntario
 Salvus Clinic IncNouveau-Brunswick
 Saorsie Co-op HomesOntario
 Scarborough Heights Co-opOntario
 Schomberg Lions ClubOntario
 Secord Avenue Co-opOntario
 Senioren Haus Co-opOntario
 SHIP – Supportive Housing in PeelOntario
 Simcoe CountyOntario
 Silverbirch Co-opOntario
 Social Housing Department, County of SimcoeOntario
 Springfield Co-opOntario
 Spruce Court Co-operative Inc.Ontario
 St. Basil’s Non-ProfiTOntario
 St. Clair O’Conner CommunityOntario
 St. Clare’s Multifaith HousingOntario
 St. David’s VillageOntario
 St. James Court Non-Profit Housing CorporationOntario
 St. Jude Community HomesOntario
 St. Matthew’s Bracondale HouseOntario
 St. Martins CenterOntario
 St. Michaels HomesOntario
 St Pius X Parish CommunityOntario
 Stella’s CircleTerre-Neuve
 Stonetown Co-opOntario
 Street HavenOntario
 Supporting Housing in Peel – SHIPOntario
 Swansea Village Co-OpOntario
TTamil Co-operative Homes Inc.Ontario
 Tanglewood Orchard Co-operative Homes IncOntario
 Tannenhof Co-Operative Homes IncOntario
 Tannery Court Co-operative LtdNouveau-Brunswick
 Tannery Courts Co-op (APHL)Nouveau-Brunswick
 Tapscott Co-op Ontario
 The Emily Murphy CentreOntario
 The Homestead ProgramTerre-Neuve
 The Perley & Rideau Veterans Health CentreOntario
 The Regional Municipality of DurhamOntario
 Threshold Homes & SupportsOntario
 Thurlestone Co-op IncOntario
 Toronto Community HousingOntario
 Toronto North Services Ontario
 Toronto Women’s Housing Co-opOntario
 The Avenel Non-Profit Housing CorporationOntario
UUnitarian House of OttawaOntario
 Upper Canada Lodge B’nai Brith Senior Citizens Foundation Ontario
VVictor Davis Memorial CourtOntario
 Victoria-Shuter Non-Profit Housing CorporationOntario
WWalton Place Scaroborough IncOntario
 Wawel Villa – Turtle Creek ManorOntario
 Wawel Villa IncOntario
 Wawel Villa Retirement HomeOntario
 Wawel Villa Seniors ResidenceOntario
 West Rouge Housing CooperativeOntario
 Wilcox Creek Co-opOntario
 William J Beggs HousingOntario
 William Mercer Wilson CentreOntario
 Willow Glen Co-opOntario
 Willow Park Ontario
 Windy Woods Cooperative Homes of London Inc.Ontario
 Windmill Line Co-operativeOntario
 Winkleigh Co-operative Housing CorporationOntario
 Whiteoak Heritage Housing IncOntario
 Woburn Village Co-opOntario
 Woodgreen Central Ontario
 Woodsworth Housing CoopOntario
YYarl Co-operative Homes Inc.Ontario
Youth Opportunities LimitedOntario
 Youth Services Bureau of OttawaOntario
 YWCA Kitchener WaterlooOntario
 YWCA Toronto – A Turning Point for WomenOntario